VisiPipe's technology provides a highly versatile tool to help maintain your infrastructure.

VisiPipe's Internal Pipeline Inspection technology has multiple applications.

Browse through the listing below for ideas, but honestly, our customers find new uses for this technology all the time and we love helping you solve problems. For more details and to speak to a representative about the right pipeline solution for you call (800) 505-5100.



  • Pipeline condition assessments
  • Location of taps, branches, valves, defects and flow restrictions
  • Mapping fitting locations for GIS inventory
  • Visual and acoustic inspection of "closed" isolation valves
  • Post-repair or re-lining quality assurance / inspection
  • Pin-point leak location
  • Pipeline renewal budgeting prioritization
  • Liveview™ video sharing for remote design teams
  • Inspect pump impellers for wear and damage without disassembly

Additional Services thru our Technology Partner

  • Ultrasonic scanning of pipeline assets
  • Life expectancy estimation through true pipe wall measurements
  • Inspection and survey of fire mains for certification
  • Accurate GIS mapping
  • Up to 3280 feet of continuous surveys
  • Long distance free flowing solutions

Did You Know?

VisiPipe's Investigator tool and inspection service gives unprecedented access to the internal condition of your pipeline. It requires an insertion point and time to perform the work. If you are concerned primarily with finding a cost effective solution for system leak surveys or locates on buried or concealed pipes, contact your local American Leak Detection office.