Facts and figures for the technically inclined.

The Investigator tool used by VisiPipe technicians was originally developed in the UK. The patented, flexible connection between the sensor head and the cable allows insertion through 90-degree bends at high pressure.

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  • Two options for camera head sizes (22 mm (0.9") dia. and 37 mm (1.5") dia.)
  • Stainless steel sensor heads with patented "bend" mechanism and quick release connectors (pressurized capability to 232 psi)
  • Minimum pipe size 3"; maximum recommended 14". In some cases and for some purposes, the Investigator tool may be effective for larger diameter pipe.
  • High-resolution camera with wide angle optic, fixed focal (PAL system) with illumination 3 Lux at F1.2
  • Sensor head includes high-powered 512 Hz sonde
  • Electronic push/pull drive system with seal arrangement and control box
  • Pushrod cable is 328 ft (100m) with durable nylon outer protective sheath
  • Cable drum assembly includes slip ring and encoder (1% accuracy)
  • Hydrophone resonant frequency: 240 kHz (Nominal)
    • Beam pattern circumferential: omni + 2 dB up to 100 kHz
    • Beam pattern horizontal: omni + 4 dB up to 100 kHz
  • Operating Temperature: 23 °F to 104 °F (-5 °C to 40 °C)
  • Control box includes laptop with 12v internal power supply
  • VisiPipe software with video and acoustic analysis software
  • Access through all types of hydrants cannot be guaranteed due to variations in designs and conditions

Did You Know?

The Investigator technology has been in use for more than 5 years with over 16,000 successful insertions performed.